dental hygiene

Bite Me!


There is a saying that people do not pay enough attention to their teeth unless they start falling out. This is because dental care is not treated as a priority with many families. Despite having properly aligned sets of teeth, a lot of people end up with cavities and discolored teeth due to unhealthy oral practices. Healthy teeth are gifts for a lifetime and proper care should be taken to ensure that their health remains intact for long as possible.

Here are 10 best practices that will help preserve your beautiful smile forever:


  • Brush your teeth every day


You have probably heard this many times, but its importance is paramount and it cannot be emphasized enough. A majority of people brush once a day and skip brushing at night. Whatever we eat all day tends to build up in the form of plaque and will sit on your teeth all night. Brushing before bedtime will help prevent damage to your teeth and help to reduce cavities in your teeth.


  • Brushing technique


As important as brushing your teeth to maintain good oral hygiene, it is as vital to know the proper brushing technique that makes it effective. You should take time to brush and not rush through the whole process. The toothbrush should be moved around in slow and circular motions on the upper as well as the lower set of teeth.


  • Flossing is as important


Flossing has a whole range of benefits apart from simply helping to get rid of food stuck in between the gaps of teeth. Flossing can help in the stimulation of gums and it can also reduce conditions like gum inflammation, bleeding gums etc. If you are doubtful about the best way to floss your teeth, go and get advice from your dentist.


  • Brush with a fluoride toothpaste


While choosing the right toothpaste, we are often fascinated by the flavors and the whitening agents. However, there is more to toothpaste than just that. Whichever flavor or color you choose, always ensure that you buy fluoride toothpaste.

Fluoride is significantly responsible for preventing cavities and tooth decay. Brushing twice with fluoride toothpaste can help to reduce your gum problems.


  • Regular dental check up


There is no better way to maintain dental health than to visit your dentist regularly. A lot of health problems could arise if your dental issues remain unresolved. If you have tooth alignment issues and food particles keep getting stuck in the gaps, you could consider getting dental veneers to resolve the issue. Dental veneers could also help if you have a chipped tooth or stained teeth.


  • Use mouthwash


Mouthwash helps maintain oral hygiene in 3 different ways. First, it lowers the amount of acid formation inside your oral cavity. Second, it cleans the crooks and crevices that toothbrushes find hard to reach. Third, Mouthwash will remove bad breath and will give your mouth a fresh feel.

  1. Reduce the intake of sugary and acidic food

Sugary food breaks down to form an acid that in turn erodes your tooth enamel. This is why it is important to cut down the intake of sugary and acidic food items that include tea, coffee, acidic fruits etc.