Patients With Passports In Mexico

Medical Tourism

Mexico, in recent years, has been a popular destination for US citizens who seek quality healthcare. Its relatively low travel costs and proximity to the US, have been a great draw both for American and Canadian patients. Among them are also the Mexican-Americans who wish to return home to their family doctor or medical practitioner and, of course, to save money.


The Healthcare System in Mexico

According to the World Health Rankings, the Mexican healthcare system is ranked 61st in the world. Currently, Mexico has 7 JCI accredited hospitals and clinics. Several hospitals also boast a CSG Accreditation which is given by the GHCM or General Health Council of Mexico.

Popular for its cosmetic surgery and dentistry, and now adding orthopedic procedures, Mexico features state-of-the-art and advanced facilities with quality care that are comparable to American hospitals. There are even medical packages that offer aftercare and accommodation away from urban areas and much closer to the vibrant and relaxing beaches. Furthermore, waiting times in Mexico are never an issue and usually non-existent.

Mexico’s best clinic and hospitals are based in Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. Meanwhile, private clinics that cater to American patients are located across the US border, in cities such as Laredo, Mexicali, and Tijuana.

Medical tourists in Mexico have a face-to-face personal interaction with their surgeon or doctor and are also offered their own private room. Doctors and medical practitioners working at Mexican clinics and hospitals are highly qualified with most of them receiving their education or a part of it in in the United States and other western countries.


Treatment Costs In Mexico

Quality treatment and healthcare are affordable in Mexico when compared to neighboring countries in North America. The prices in Mexico is between 50 – 75 percent lower than US average treatment costs.

Furthermore, a lot of patients who do not have medical insurance also find it easier to avail of the healthcare services in Mexico. The cost of medicines (prescriptions) in Mexico is almost 50% cheaper than Canada and the US.


Top Medical Procedures In Mexico


  • Aesthetic / Cosmetic Surgery


Mexico was initially known for cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. Mexican doctors offer advanced plastic surgery in a friendly, modern and safe atmosphere. They provide a broad variety of procedures for both men and women including body contouring, breast augmentation or reduction, butt, and facial implants, hair transplants, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.


  • Dentistry


Mexico also helps you to smile with high-quality dental services. From routine fillings and cleanings to dental implants, bridges, crowns to gum surgery, tooth contouring and smile makeovers, Mexico offers the best dentists to take care of your dental health.


  • Weight Loss Treatments


Mexico’s most common weight loss treatment is bariatric surgery which comprises of several kinds of surgeries with the primary function of changing how medical tourists’ bodies absorb food, all for the sake of losing weight.

Other weight loss treatment offered includes panniculectomy, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, IGB or intragastric balloon and gastric bypass.


  • Orthopedics


Most Mexican hospitals also offer both nonsurgical and surgical means to treat congenital disorders, tumors, infections, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal trauma. Mexico has orthopedic surgeons and doctors that perform Arthroscopic, hip, joint and knee, replacement, medical prosthesis, spine surgery, limb lengthening procedures and treating scoliosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, and bone diseases.


  • Cardiovascular Treatment


Mexico is also popular with quality cardiovascular procedures and treatments, including vascular surgery, ECG, heart surgery, Coronary Stenting, Atrial Fibrillation, Artery reconstruction, and coronary artery bypass or CABG.


  • Anti-Aging Treatments


For the patient who wants to look younger, Mexico also proves a great service to high-quality anti-aging treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and facial antioxidant treatment.


  • Fertility Treatments


There are Mexican clinics and hospitals that specialize in reproductive and infertility medicine and include procedures such as IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization, artificial insemination, cryo-preservation for embryos and even egg and sperm donation. They have a team of specialists and gynecologists that were trained in facilities in North America and Europe.


  • Eye Surgery


Mexico is also considered as a prestigious destination for eye problems and issues with highly-qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists that perform LASIK, Intraocular lens implant, phacoemulsification surgery, retinal detachment.