Patients With Passports in Turkey

Medical Tourism

For many years, Turkey has been known for Tourism/Travel because of its historic, cultural and natural wonders that mesmerize tourists from around the world and in recent years, medical tourism has become a good reason why thousands of tourists and patients have decided to visit Turkey.

Medical Tourism in Turkey

With great advances in Turkey’s health sector with technology and state-of-the-art medical facilities, this country has transformed into a medical hub for medical tourists.

Realizing the potential for health tourism, hospitals, and medical centers have become a suitable choice for medical tourists seeking treatment options.

Turkey has attracted medical tourists from Syria, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In addition, citizens of Australia, the United States, and other countries also choose to come to Turkey for affordable medical care.

Health Care Services in Turkey

Currently, there are more than 30 Turkish hospitals that have been accredited by JCI. Most hospitals also have international accreditation such as ISO and JACHO and other local certifications.

Medical standards and quality of healthcare are closely monitored by the Turkish Ministry of Health and other health care associations, including the Turkish Accredited Hospitals Associations or TAHA that looks after the quality standards among the JCI accredited Turkish hospitals.

Most clinics and hospitals offer state-of-the-art medical equipment and modern health care facilities in order to accommodate and treat patients from around the world. There are over 1,200 private and state hospitals operated by the Turkish Ministry of Health. In addition, some top hospitals in Turkey are also affiliated with top international medical providers such as Johns Hopkins US and Harvard Medical School.

Most hospitals employ English speaking and board-certified doctors and staff to take care of patients. Furthermore, over 35 percent of Turkish doctors and medical practitioners are educated and trained in the US or other developed western countries.

Treatment Costs in Turkey

In Turkey, low-cost treatments such as orthopedic surgery, cardiac surgery, cancer treatments, and IVF are available without wait times. The difference between medical treatment costs in Turkey and that in the UK is about 40 – 50 percent.

Top Medical Procedures In Turkey


  • Plastic Surgery is among the top 3 medical treatments that patients come to Turkey for. Plastic Surgeons and Doctors from Turkey are considered some of the best doctors in Europe. From detailed procedures to a simple nose job and even their patient privacy and aftercare is excellent.


  • Dental Treatment- For both aesthetic and medical reasons, dental treatments are quite popular in Turkey. Tourists and locals alike usually wish to get dental treatment at private dental centers instead of public hospitals since the procedures are faster. The procedures and treatments are very much more affordable than in Western countries.


  • Eye Surgery- Cataract surgery and eye surgery are considered as one of the most expensive medical procedures around the world. Turkey, compared to many countries, offers high-quality eye surgeries and treatments at a cheaper price. There are hundreds of eye treatment centers across Turkey offering treatment packages from high-profile and educated doctors specializing in optometry.


  • Hair Transplant- Probably one of the most popular types of medical tourism in Turkey, hair transplant is very popular in this country. Istanbul, in particular, has become a hub for most males who would like to have a head lush with hair. There are many Private centers which provide hair transplant services at an affordable price and other hospitals even offer services such as privately chaffered limousine transfer from the airport.


  • Spa Treatment- Spending holidays at natural thermal springs— called “kaphca” in the Turkish language— is gaining some popularity for both local and patients from abroad, particularly Arab countries. Most believe that these springs have healing and rejuvenating properties, attracting elderly. The western cities of Turkey are quite popular for thermal treatment and spa for people of all ages.