Weight loss: A Brief Guide to Gastric Bands


Being overweight doesn’t just weigh down the individual’s confidence but also leads to plenty of other health problems. Losing weight is easy if you understand your body’s nutritional needs and your metabolism levels. This will help you to choose the right type of diet and exercise to solve weight problems. There are plenty of treatment options and surgeries that are known to help those with stubborn weight issue problems. Gastric bypass surgery, gastric band surgery, Biliopancreatic diversion, and sleeve gastrectomy are some of the commonly recommended options. One of the most effective among these is to have a gastric band fitted.

What is a gastric band surgery?

Lack of control over the appetite might be one of the biggest hurdles to losing weight. The weight that is lost from exercises and a good diet can be added back on quickly if junk food craving is not controlled. To help exercise and curb the appetite and to give the individual a feeling of fullness gastric band surgery is performed. A silicone band is inserted close to the upper side of the stomach. The band is fully adjustable and the tightness levels are customized to tailor the narrowness of the opening and the size of the stomach pouch based on the patient’s current weight and food intake requirements. When the stomach pouch is made smaller it makes the individual feel fuller even with smaller portions and this also reduces frequent hunger pangs.

Benefits of a gastric band surgery

  • This type of bariatric surgery is known to help those fighting obesity. As the first step to solving obesity, one must be able to control the intake of food and this surgery will help with that process.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure which comes with quick recovery time. Hospitalization is not required for this surgery.
  • The size of the incision is very small and there is just a keyhole-sized opening done for the insertion of the band and the adjustment of the band. So there are no big scars to worry about and given the smaller incision size, the risk of infection and the worry of surgery can be minimized.
  • The best part about this type of weight loss surgery is that it is a completely reversible process. Once the patient is seen to respond to the surgery and once the weight correction is attained the band can be removed if required.
  • For all those people suffering from obesity-related health problems, to reduce your weight might be the first step. And this has to be done quickly. Gastric band surgery is known to work quickly and helps prevent weight gain.
  • This is one type of surgery that has no impact on the digestion system or the way your body handles food as the absorption of nutrients happens naturally.